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Data aggregation

Innovative agregation of data

By centralizing data agregation, integrating multiple providers, and ensuring uninterrupted service and fair settlements, Codium simplifies and enhances the sports betting experience.

Unleash the endless potential of sports betting experience

The sports betting industry is thriving with countless providers offering their own unique portfolio. However, navigating through various platforms and providers can often be a confusing and time-consuming task. That's where Codium steps in, revolutionizing the sports betting experience with its innovative Central Feed Service.

Multi-Provider Options

This platform redefines data agregation by seamlessly integrating all sports betting providers into one suitable spot, offering users a comprehensive betting experience like never before. With a primary focus on customer convenience, Codium aims to make their life easier by providing a single, user-friendly solution for their needs.

Reliable Performance and Availability

One of the key advantages of Central Feed Service is its ability to effortlessly switch to an available provider in the case of a service outage. This ensures that player can continue their betting activities without any disruptions, maximizing their betting experience. Furthermore, the platform can store multiple providers for a single event, allowing users to access pre-match odds, live betting options, and even live streaming from different providers, all in one place. This diversity empowers users with a wider range of options and enhances their overall betting experience.

Efficient Settlements

In situations where players utilize features like cash out options or compensation bonuses, Codium ensures a seamless settlement across all providers involved in the event. By assuming the responsibility of settling with multiple providers, Codium guarantees that players receive the full benefits they are entitled to, without any unnecessary complications or delays.

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