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In cooperation with DOXXbet product management, our IT professionals have developed functionality that requires precise project planning and a sophisticated software solution.

Exciting Challenge

In addition to the technical and project aspects, they also had to think about the legislative level, since it has not been possible to change already placed ticket. A product that draws a user into the game and takes the entertainment to an interactive level "TICKET CHANGER" is a unique sales tool for anyone who comes to the online sports betting market

TICKET CHANGER has 3 interesting functions


Closing events on the ticket

A feature that allows to close odds with new rate. In case that the odds develop in favor or against the player, it is possible to close the opportunity with new rate with a simple click.


Removing matches from the ticket

A unique feature that, after a match is removed, divides the possible win by the odds of the opportunity that is removed. In this way, the player can continue betting with the same ticket, only with a different win.


Adding matches to the ticket

If the player has odds that are going in his favor, he can increase his winnings and add another event to the ticket. There is a limit of up to 100 events per ticket.

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